Computer Systems Engineering

Facilitating a new reality

We train people interested in facilitating the necessary technological processes for a new reality

The Systems Engineering career educates professionals committed to social welfare, who develop advanced research projects in software engineering, data science, and artificial intelligence, with the aim of solving problems relevant to society.


Knowing the importance of putting knowledge into practice on a daily basis, you can be part of the programming or robotics clubs, which will allow you to participate in national competitions or teach workshops to groups of young people interested in these topics.


When you finish your studies, you can quickly join the job market with a high competitive advantage or, if you prefer, create your enterprise.


Our graduates, who are recognized for their strong ethical and moral values, efficiently and effectively apply all their knowledge in various activities that facilitate the daily life processes such as security, privacy, banking systems, etc.


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A learning scenario

We are a university with ideal characteristics for students interested in making the most out of their time. Far from the city, we have formed a community of continuous learning, where we all know and support each other, and contribute to healthy recreation, which in turn stimulates study, adopting habits of system and order.

Community service

As part of your comprehensive training, we facilitate activities in which you will meet vulnerable environments in every way, being the ideal scenario to promote your leadership and create clubs that benefit the community development.



At the University of Montemorelos, we not only worry about the academic well-being of the student but also about his lifestyle.