Dental Laboratory Technician

Contributing to a new reality

We train students to contribute improving oral health of people for a new reality

The career of dental technology educates professionals with a high academic level, qualified to manage a dental laboratory and specialize in ​​ceramics. Committed to the rehabilitation of patients’ oral health, they focus mainly on the creation of dental prostheses.


We have the best facilities so that you can fully develop your profession, having state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, with equipped, clean and pleasant workspaces.


You have the opportunity to have real professional practice from the beginning of your career, working together with the students of the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) program.


As a student, you develop an altruistic sense that makes you be always ready to help the neediest.


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A learning scenario

We are a university with ideal characteristics for students interested in making the most out of their time. Far from the city, we have formed a community of continuous learning, where we all know and support each other, and contribute to healthy recreation, which in turn stimulates study, adopting habits of system and order.

Community service

As part of your comprehensive training, we facilitate activities in which you will meet vulnerable environments in every way, being the ideal scenario to promote your leadership and create clubs that benefit the community development.



At the University of Montemorelos, we not only worry about the academic well-being of the student but also about his lifestyle.