Bachelor’s Degrees in EDUCATION

Educating for a new reality

We educate students to teach others a new reality

Careers in education train professionals committed to ethical principles and truth teaching, providing teachers to the local, national and international community that thoroughly educate their students conveying good values through their dedicated service.


We provide a multicultural and international environment in which we can make exchanges with prestigious Adventist universities in the United States, England, Thailand, Lebanon, and Colombia.


Knowing the importance of the positive influence of music on the development of children, Preschool and Primary Education programs enable you to become certified in the Teaching of Music. Besides, recognizing the current need to speak more than one language, you can receive an international certification as a bilingual teacher.


Explore and implement the Adventist philosophy applied to education and become a teacher who opens new horizons to those who will be your students and their families.


You will positively influence the first years of a child’s life, by being able to lay the foundations for true learning at the primary education levels. You will also help the right development of a child, promoting integration activities among your students.

You will practice teaching in educational institutions with children between 6 and 12 years old, encouraging creative and dynamic participation of students. Besides, you can work on projects for children, school support groups, as well as centers for children with special needs.

You will be able to write and edit texts in all genres, applying the appropriate techniques. You will generate critical awareness and aesthetic enjoyment in students, enabling them to evaluate their own and international literary and cultural production. Besides, you will master strategies for teaching the language, both to Spanish-speakers and to those who learn it as a foreign language.

You will solve daily life problems with tools provided by Physics, Mathematics and the application of information technologies. You will acquire mathematical knowledge that encourages the issuance of scientifically based judgments, as well as develop the conviction of God as Creator of nature through knowledge of the mathematical and physical laws that govern it.

You will solve theoretical, experimental and observational problems in the chemical and biological areas to understand the complexity of the natural world and the impact of man in the biosphere. You will consider the scientific evidence around the theme of origins in support of biblical creationism. You will also implement sustainable development projects through environmental education, developing teaching materials and experimental models that stimulate the learning of these sciences.

You will develop a historical and civic awareness by teaching local and global geography and analyzing the regions of the world from a social, economic and political perspective. Promote respect for the people’s rights and citizens, developing criteria for ideologies purposes and propose alternatives for a better understanding of the world, through the analysis of multicultural aspects.

You will be able to communicate effectively in English, in the areas of conversation and writing; and translate from English to Spanish. Also, you will design teaching materials and strategies for teaching this foreign language to achieve learning outcomes at different levels.

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We are a university with ideal characteristics for students interested in making the most out of their time. Far from the city, we have formed a community of continuous learning, where we all know and support each other, and contribute to healthy recreation, which in turn stimulates study, adopting habits of system and order.


As part of your comprehensive training, we facilitate activities in which you will meet vulnerable environments in every way, being the ideal scenario to promote your leadership and create clubs that benefit the community development.



At the University of Montemorelos, we not only worry about the academic well-being of the student but also about his lifestyle.