Counseling for a new reality

We train people that influence others positively for a new reality

Significant changes are observed in family dynamics. The uncertainty that these changes produce opens the panorama for the correct counseling under a biblical framework that allows reestablishing the family designed by God. By taking the postgraduate course of your choice, you will learn to contribute to the development of innovative prevention and solution programs to strengthen family life.


You will provide comprehensive care by using innovative processes that allow you to identify the needs of each patient, thus achieving a more appropriate intervention.


You can adequately apply the theoretical and practical aspects of your profession, contributing to the solution of conflicts related to society and families.


You will develop empathy, understanding, and responsibility to favor the strengthening of the family structure, becoming a promoter of strong family ties.


You will make wise decisions to solve family-related conflicts, considering biblical principles and the reality of current families.

You will develop innovative proposals for the development of families and society, creating appropriate strategies and techniques of approach with a biblical worldview.

You will manage projects for the development of families and society by determining in different areas and contexts, problems and their consequences in the family system, showing professional responsibility. You will prepare diagnoses selecting appropriate processes, tools, and strategies, with a commitment of respect and confidentiality. You will be able to advise in an empathetic and professional way to the person and their family facing the crisis, applying different intervention models.

You will lead projects that help the development of families and society, by making psychotherapeutic interventions to individuals, their family nucleus and their social network, applying different relevant models. You will design interdisciplinary approaches that strengthen the individual and their family, promoting the quality of life with a missionary vision. (Study online)

You will learn to analyze trends in family counseling and generate proposals that help preserve the family model instituted by God, according to the needs of today’s society.

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