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We train people who contribute to a new reality

Investing in people, stimulate growth and support the private sector, are some of the strategies of the United Nations to end extreme poverty before 2030. With our graduate programs in Administration, we prepare to undertake professionals who seek to contribute to global development.


You will analyze, and you make decisions for the organization in which you study, under a biblical worldview.


You will optimize resources in your area with high social responsibility and a sense of environmental sustainability.


You will be a leader who will positively influence based on the biblical model of service.


You will boost the optimal institutional performance for the management of human capital. You will undertake innovative projects that identify and meet the individual needs of employees, to improve the working environment and promote more effective performance.

You will make strategic decisions, applying data analysis models and analyze financial information, to assess the situation of the company. You will promote initiatives to optimize the organization’s finances, considering relevant data, using models and technological tools.

You will be prepared to design effective advertising campaigns, managing sales promotion programs for positioning in the market, developing skills and learning negotiating strategies to solve problems in organizations.

You will implement management and leadership programs in organizations, promoting and developing an environment of efficiency. Analyze and evaluate situations through research to identify opportunities to create innovative management and leadership strategies, respecting individuality.

You will direct advisories and consultancies in organizations in national and international contexts, based on a focus on corporate principles and values, by applying the legal framework of labor relations according to the needs of organizations with a CSR approach. You will implement quality programs of human resources promoting a climate of trust and will attend to the needs of human capital using coaching strategies.

You will optimally manage the financial resources of organizations with a focus on sustainability, applying the tools for making investments and financing decisions to optimize resources based on the different economic scenarios.

Design and implement effective marketing plans that generate a value proposition, using innovative strategies and tools for positioning in the market with a CSR approach. You will develop negotiation strategies in competitive environments, and you will make contributions through policies that benefit the different productive sectors of the country.

You will advise organizations with a solid knowledge of theories and modern tools for management, fulfilling the biblical principles, meeting the needs of the organization through leadership strategies based on Christian values and beliefs. Besides, you will make strategic management decisions based on critical thinking.

You will produce strategic models to achieve the goals of the company in which you work, taking into consideration all required factors to ensure an optimal organizational culture that contributes to the improvement of life quality in your environment.

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