Mental health for a new reality

We educate students who seek to heal mental health problems for a new reality.

The Psychology program trains professionals who seek to prevent mental health problems which currently attack our society or cure them most efficiently. In the Educational area, they will have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide education for others; while in the Clinical area, they will be able to treat more complex diseases clinically.


The School of Psychology is currently divided into two teaching areas: Clinical and Educational so that the students can acquire the desired profile according to their preferred area of expertise.


We are accredited by the Consejo Nacional para la Enseñanza e Investigación en Psicología (CNEIP), A.C. (National Council for Teaching and Research in Psychology).


As you study, you can have real professional practice in different areas of patient care in the Centro de Apoyo Familiar y Psicopedagógico (CEDAFAMP) (Family and Psychopedagogical Support Center).


You will be able to provide vocational and professional advice to students and institutions; provide technical orientation to educators, school administrators and parents to improve the learning and development of students in areas of knowledge, communication and interaction, and study techniques. In addition to teaching methodologies and evaluation, timely detection of behavioral problems, learning disabilities and attention to special educational needs.

You will design and carry out psychological treatment and intervention programs for patients who require it, establishing differential diagnoses correctly, knowing the use of psychotropic drugs and their psycho-physiological effects. In addition, you can work with interdisciplinary teams offering psychological counseling in work, legal and social environments to improve the quality of life of human beings in the different areas where they work.

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A learning scenario

We are a university with ideal characteristics for students interested in making the most out of their time. Far from the city, we have formed a community of continuous learning, where we all know and support each other, and contribute to healthy recreation, which in turn

Community service

As part of your comprehensive training, we facilitate activities in which you will meet vulnerable environments in every way, being the ideal scenario to promote your leadership and create clubs that benefit the community development.



At the University of Montemorelos, we not only worry about the academic well-being of the student but also about his lifestyle.